The best restaurant meals are a mixture of comfort and delight: You are relaxed in knowing the lay of the land, but rejoice in the unexpected - the commonplace dish made great. This is what you’ll find at Dodici in Rockville Centre, and that explains why it’s still going strong after 30 years.

Service is friendly and assured: waiters, bussers and runners all know their parts in this long-running ballet.

Our waiters are professionals, explaining the specials, knowing the menu, the wines and serve each dish with finesse and enthusiasm.

The new look of Dodici still holds its high vaulted ceilings with arches that are lit perfectly to paint a near postcard vision of Northern Italy. Dodici's history still lingers in the air. Familiar dishes, staff and customers alike have been a staple at this eatery since inception, now 3 decades ago. With 30 years spent located at 12 North Park Avenue, the whole enterprise seems poised and ready for an extended run.